just saw it in my queue! 

Celebrity Wife Swap - that's what's up. Just saw it in my queue, and I can't wait to see how different Coolio and Mark McGrath be livin'. I can't imagine all that differently since they both are rich. But I digress. Awesome reality trash tv awaith me!


RHOA - best quotes

"No honey, you didn't KICK me out -- because this is my BACK as I'm leaving!" --Kendra

"You disrespecting my LEGACY now!" -- Porsha

"When I Google you, nothing comes up because you're so old!" -- Porsha


Bye Bye Oxy-Cotton

America's Next Top Model
Season 19 Episode 4

Oxy-Cotton leaves the house. So long, droopy eyes.

ANTM is going downhill. From the no-credential judges, to the no-name magazine prize, to the no-talent theme song; it's all on a downward trend. I'm sorry, Tyra. I am not a tween. I'm not sure how much longer I can continue watching my beloved ANTM now that it has taken a turn for the worse. Tyra, we love you, but bring back Vogue and high-fashion.


Bad Girls Club - Mexico S9E8

Season 9 Episode 8 - Miserella

A fake girl-on-girl wedding. A real girl-on-girl (quasi) orgy. Later, Mopey-face almost lands herself in Mexican jail for fighting. An episode full of heavy drinking and girls in bikinis. Mopey-face Mehgan goes home for starting a fight. You'd assume that nearly winding up in jail in Mexico would have made her think twice before acting out yet again, but instead her impulse-control is at zero.

All in all, a typical episode. If only there were more orgies and less fighting -- am I right?


Bad Girls Club - Mexico

Welcome to the Bad Girls Club!

I can't believe I watch this show, either. This whole series has become so predictable. I wish SNL would create a parody! Throw in a few key phrases, and you've got an instant skit in the making.

Classic Bad Girls' lines from any season:

"I'm just doin' ME tonight!!"

"If you have a problem, talk to me, not behind my back!!"

"I'n not going to be disrespected!"

"I'm over it."